Course description

If you want to develop powerful plugins for Shopware 6, this is the right training for you!

You will learn about the architecture of Shopware 6, how to install it and how to extend its functionality. Jisse Reitsma will teach you everything about creating plugins and using Routing, Controllers, Dependency Injection and Commands. After completing the training you will be all set up for creating awesome Shopware 6 extensions.

This training is ideal for anyone with development experience interested in learning more about Shopware. No prior experience with Shopware is required.

Target audience

  • Backend developers
  • Agencies

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introducing Shopware 6
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    • Welcome to the course!
    • Introducing Shopware 6
    • Knowledge requirements
  • 02
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    • API overview
    • Dealing with different currencies
    • Glimpse into the Shopware database
    • Overview of platform bundles
    • Symfony services in Shopware 6
    • Store API vs SalesChannel API
    • Working with Context
  • 03
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    • Development Template or Production Template?
    • Using Dockware
    • Environment variables
    • Advice on setting up your environment
    • Installing the Development Template
    • Installing the Production Template
    • Modifying your database
    • Preparing for the installation
    • Setting up an existing project
    • Updating Shopware 6
  • 04
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    • Caching data in your plugin
    • The composer.json plugin file
    • Adding a plugin configuration
    • Creating a plugin
    • Introducing plugins
    • Bundle methods in a plugin
    • Using repositories
    • Plugin resources
    • Adding scheduled tasks
    • Service definition in PHP or YAML
    • Uninstalling a plugin
  • 05
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    • Creating a CLI command
    • Injecting services into a command
  • 06
    Routing and controllers
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    • Creating an admin controller
    • Common Storefront controller tasks
    • Throw a custom 404 exception
    • Injecting dependencies in a controller
    • Creating a JSON controller
    • OpenAPI annotation
    • Creating a page controller
    • Connecting to the Store API
    • Creating a Store API route
    • Examples of using the Store API
  • 07
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    • Using a logger
    • Setting up PHPStorm
    • Using Redis
  • 08
    Dependency Injection
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    • Using compiler passes
    • Decorating services
    • Setter injection
    • Using factories
    • About the Symfony kernel
  • 09
    Database operations
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    • Creating a custom entity
    • Database migrations
    • Translating your entity
  • 10
    Checkout and sales
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    • Cart architecture
    • Options for extending the cart
    • Introduction to payment handlers
  • 11
    Events and subscribers
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    • Live coding example with event dispatching and handling
    • Live coding example with product.loaded event
    • Event listeners and subscribers
    • Listing possible events
    • Triggering your own event
  • 12
    Product management
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    • Indexing products and other entities
  • 13
    Deploying your Shopware code to production
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    • Deployment with Deployer PHP

Icons & text

  • First-hand information

    Our courses are led by enthusiastic instructors who are not only deeply rooted in Shopware, but have an active role in shaping the software themselves.

  • Accelerated learning

    Your time is valuable. Our courses are designed to take you on the fast track towards becoming an expert in creating custom extensions or themes.

  • Perfect preparation

    The online trainings are your most valuable resource for preparing to become a Shopware-certified developer or template designer.

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