Please note: This training is work in progress and will receive further content updates.

In the Shopware 6  Developer Training, you will learn about the structure and technology behind Shopware 6. The course is designed for developers who already have experience with Shopware 6 and have watched the Shopware developer basic Training.

This training is currently in the making, so new content is added regularly. Subscribe to or dev newsletter to be informed about new content!

Once the content is complete you can become a "Shopware 6 Certified Developer" by completing a short exam at the end of this training.

What will I learn?

  • Working with the DAL
  • Admin development with VueJS
  • Extending existing admin modules
  • Extending frontend products
  • Extending the shopping cart


  • Everything from the  "Developer Basic Training"
  • Basics of Vue.js
  • ECMA Script 6

Target group

  • Experienced PHP developers

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Introduction and content overview
    • Introduction to entity extension and translation
    • Entity extensions and translations
    • Working with migrations

How you benefit

  • First-hand information

    Our courses are led by enthusiastic instructors who are not only deeply rooted in Shopware, but have an active role in shaping the software themselves.

  • Accelerated learning

    Use an icon and text to communicate the value proposition and share the specific benefits of your offering. What makes it unique in your market?

  • Perfect preparation

    The online trainings are your most valuable resource for preparing to become a Shopware-certified developer or template designer.

Online certification

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