Course description

In this free online course, we will install Shopware 6 and configure your online shop together, step by step. You will also get an impression of the individual features first-hand and become familiar with the special features and capabilities of each edition.

What will I learn?

  • Overview of the Shopware editions and their individual features
  • How to install Shopware
  • How to use the features in the administration
  • How to storefront works - all the way up to placing an order
  • First steps to successfully setting up an online shop
  • How to set up sales channels
  • How to Design landing pages using Shopping Experiences
  • How to automate processes using the Rule Builder
  • Deep-dive into the marketing possibilities of Shopware 6
  • About the professional features included in Shopware 6
  • Generelle Bedienung von Shopware 6
  • How to configure products
  • How to use the Shopware Account
  • ... and much more


  • This training does not require any prior Shopware knowledge to take part.

Target audience
  • Merchants who want to successfully launch an online shop
  • Employees of shop operators
  • Shopware partners
  • Employees of Shopware partners
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Shopware
  • Ecommerce decision-makers

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Welcome to the Shopware 6 User Training!
  • 02
    What is Shopware 6
    Show details
    • Introduction
    • The different Shopware plans
    • Shopware Cloud
  • 03
    Show details
    • The conditions
    • How to install Shopware
  • 04
    Getting started
    Show details
    • The administration
    • The catalogue menu
    • Extensions, Themes & Apps
  • 05
    Where can I get help?
    Show details
    • The Shopware documentation
    • How to create a support ticket
  • 06
    Structure of your shop
    Show details
    • Categories
    • Manufacturers
  • 07
    Products in Shopware 6
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    • Creating a product
    • Add variants to a product
    • Add more information to a product
    • Custom Products
    • Product overview
    • Change multiple products at one with Bulk Edit!
    • Essential characteristics
    • Dynamic Product Groups
  • 08
    Shopping Experiences
    Show details
    • What are Shopping Experiences?
    • Creating a Shopping Experience
    • What are sections?
    • Landing pages
    • Individual listing pages
    • Product Page Layout
    • Individual sorting & filter of products
    • CMS extensions
    • Build your own forms
  • 09
    Introduction - Settings
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    • Overview of the settings
  • 10
    Rule Builder & Flow Builder
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    • The Rule Builder!
    • Business events
    • Flow Builder
  • 11
    Payments and shipping
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    • Payment methods
    • PayPal Integration
    • AmazonPay Integration
    • Setting up shipping costs
    • Delivery times: Customize them individually!
    • Example: Specialshipping costs for forwarding agent
  • 12
    Taxes and legal
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    • Taxes per country
    • Number ranges: Customize them indiv
    • Customize your documents individually for invoices & co.
  • 13
    The storefront
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    • Individual settings for your products
    • SEO URL: Customize them individually!
    • Search configuration
    • Change the texts in your shop individually with snippets!
  • 14
    System settings
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    • User: Roles & Rights in the Administration
  • 15
    Sales Channels
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    • What are Sales Channels?
    • How to create a sales channel?
    • What are domains and hreflang?
    • Offer your shop in different languages
    • Social Shopping
  • 16
    Your daily work in Shopware
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    • AI Copilot
    • Promotions
    • Manage orders
    • Newsletter recipients
    • The order overview and order details
    • Customer overview
  • 17
    Store from the customer's point of view
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    • Overview of the storefront
    • The Cookie Consent Tool
    • Product view
    • Placing an order in the storefront
    • Customer account in the storefront
    • Done!

Your advantages

  • First-hand information

    Our courses are led by enthusiastic instructors who are not only deeply rooted in Shopware, but have an active role in shaping the software themselves.

  • Accelerated learning

    Your time is valuable. Our courses are designed to take you on the fast track towards becoming an expert in creating custom extensions or themes.

  • Perfect preparation

    The online trainings are your most valuable resource for preparing to become a Shopware-certified developer or template designer.

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