In the Template Training Advanced, Niklas Dzösch shows you how to make use of Shopware’s technology to create your own complex theme configuration. Among other things, this course teaches you how to use and extend jQuery plugins and how stateful plugins can be customized with the StateManager. At the end of the training, you will be able to use your custom theme in your online shop or upload it to the Shopware Community Store.

What will I learn?

  • You learn how to create your own theme configuration
  • You will learn how stateful plugins work with the StateManager
  • You will be introduced to jQuery plugins and learn how to extend them

Target group

  • Frontend developers
  • Employees from agencies


  • Completed Template Training Basic
  • Experience in JavaScript and using jQuery
  • Basic understanding of PHP and CLI

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Creating your own theme configuration
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    • 1.1: Introduction
    • 1.2: Theme.php and theme configuration
  • 02
    Extending the theme configuration
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    • 2.1: Adjusting the theme configuration
    • 2.2: Using the theme configuration in LESS
    • 2.3: Using the theme configuration in Smarty
    • 2.4: Your own configuration set
  • 03
    jQuery plugins & the StateManager
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    • 3.1: Creating your own custom plugin
    • 3.2: Changes using the event system
    • 3.3: Overriding JavaScript plugins
    • 3.4: The StateManager
    • 3.5: Overriding with the event system
    • 3.6: Your own JavaScript plugin
    • 3.7: Using the StateManager
    • 3.7 Additional material: Theme

How you benefit

  • First-hand information

    Our courses are led by enthusiastic instructors who are not only deeply rooted in Shopware, but have an active role in shaping the software themselves.

  • Accelerated learning

    Your time is valuable. Our courses are designed to take you on the fast track towards becoming an expert in creating custom extensions or themes.

  • Perfect preparation

    The online trainings are your most valuable resource for preparing to become a Shopware-certified developer or template designer.

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